Media: The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 3.0 Week 3 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽 3.0 第3周

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Organized by Taipei Touch Association 由臺北觸球協會主辦

Results from Week 3 of the Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League are in. Some great games was played with Taipei Baboons drawing with Taipei Hulks 2 – 2, only to have KGB running all over the Baboons 5 – 0 in the next game. A scintillating repeat of season’s semi-final, KGB taking on Sexy Beasts for the first time this season. Sexy Beast threw everything at the KGB, but the latter were too slick and inflicted Sexy Beast’s first defeat this season (4 – 2).

Thanks to our week 2 sponsors Redpoint Brewing Company for their 台P.A.s, KGB for the MVP meal coupons, Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen for the sausage & buns, and Leo’s Tuckshop for delicious homemade New Zealand styled pies.

第三周銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽的結果出爐了!本周有幾場非常精彩的比賽。Taipei Baboons臺北猴王球隊和Taipei Hulks 臺北綠巨人球隊先打平 2 – 2,而在緊接的比賽,KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊以5 – 0 的成績,擊敗了Taipei Baboons臺北猴王球隊。
很多人都很期待接下的一場比賽。前賽季半決賽的重複賽,也是一場奪人眼目的比賽。KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊以4 – 2 的成績,擊敗了本賽季領先的Sexy Beast 性感野獸球隊,也照成後者本賽季的首敗。

感謝本周的贊助商Redpoint Brewing Company紅點手工鮮釀啤酒,KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡, Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen 香腸先生的廚房 和 里奧的灶咖 – Leo’s Tuck Shop!。


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