Touch Tournament – 71st National Rugby Championship 105學年度第71屆全國橄欖球錦標賽 – 觸球組錦標賽

Co-organized by CTTA and it’s affiliate, Taipei Touch Association.
由臺灣觸球協會以及隸屬會員 臺北觸球協會承辦

Dear Touchers,

Following the national campaign to enhance the physical and mental health of Taiwan citizens by promoting the importance of playing sports, Chinese Taipei Touch Association, it’s affiliate Taipei Touch Association, Republic of China Rugby Union, and it’s co-organizers *  will be organizing a Touch Tournament along side the 71st National Rugby Championship.

Due to logistical issues, this tournament is limited to 8 teams per division (Men/Women/Mixed). Each division would need a minimum of four teams. The organizers reserve the right to accept or decline team registration based on the team’s experience, skill’s level and most recent ranking (tournament or local leagues).

Date: Saturday March 18th, 2017
Times: 08:00 – 17:00
Locations: Bailing Rugby Fields, Shilin District, Taipei City
Field Size: 2 x 60 m (L) by 48 m (W) grass fields
Team entry fee: TWD $1,000

Playing Rules: FIT Playing Rules 4th Edition (for mixed division, minimum of 3 females on the field at all times).

Team Limits: Maximum 14 registered players per team.
Referees: Each team must nominate 4 referees with experience. This is compulsory as it assists with the running of this tournament. There are only so many accredited referees here in Taipei, so we would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Teams must complete all fields in the Registration Form and email them to
Please provide your name (as shown on passport) and ID (Taiwan) passport number (Foreigners or visitors without TW ID).
Team Captains must sign the Indemnity Waiver Form on the day before the tournament.

Registration closes 5:00 pm,  10th February 2017.

* (Ministry of Education, Sports Bureau, Taipei City Government Department of Sports, Tainan City Council Department of Sports, Taipei City Rugby Football Association, Tainan City Rugby Committee)


爲提倡全民運動,增進國民身心健康及推展提升橄欖球運動技術與水準,臺灣觸球協會 和隸屬會員 臺北觸球協會 以及 指導單位:教育部體育署、主辦單位:臺北市政府、臺南市政府 、協辦單位:臺北市政府體育局、臺南市體育處、承辦單位:中華民國橄欖球協會、臺北市體育總會橄欖球協會、臺南市體育會橄欖球委員會特舉辦本比賽。

由於後勤的問題,本屆錦標賽將被限制於每組別八支球隊 (男子/女子/男女混合組), 每組別需要最少四支球隊才能舉辦球賽。主辦單位將保留接受或拒絕球隊報名的權利。我們將會以球隊的經驗、技能水平和最近排名的因素來決定 (錦標賽或聯賽)

日期: 週六,2017年3月18日

時間: 8:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
地點: 臺北市士林區百齡橄欖球場
場地尺寸: 2 x 60 m (L) x 48 m  (W) 草面球場
報名費: 每隊 TWD $ 1,000

規則: FIT規則第四版本 (男女混合組別: 場上最少3名女球員)

隊伍限制: 每隊最多註冊14名球員

裁判: 每隊必須提名最少4名裁判。這點非常重要,因為它能夠協助本屆錦標賽的運行。臺北有認證裁判是有限的,所以主辦單位非常感謝您的協助。

每隊必須要穿一致的球服,球服必須要有號碼。 球員不能穿鐵釘球鞋。上場時,不能夠帶首飾 (包括但不限制於手錶、戒指、耳環、手環、項鏈等).

球隊必須下載並填完報名表格內的所有項目 以及寄回給 請提供球員全名 (與護照一致), 身份證編號 (臺灣)或護照號碼 (外國人和無臺灣身份證人物)。 隊長必須在當天簽好賠償保證豁免表格,並且交給主辦單位。

報名截止日期: 2017年2月10 日, 下午5點。


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