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The Chinese Taipei Touch Association (CTTA), also known as Taiwan Touch Association, is the governing body for TOUCH in the ROC (Taiwan), and is affiliated to the Federation of International Touch (FIT).

臺灣觸球協會 (CTTA) 是TOUCH觸球的臺灣主管機構。CTTA附屬於國際觸球聯合會 (FIT)

Touch is a field sport also known in some countries as Touch Football, or Touch Rugby. Touch is overseen worldwide by the Federation of International Touch (FIT).


Touch is played internationally and features many regional and global competitions. There have been seven Touch World Cups, the latest in Scotland in June 2011.


Touch has a history in rugby league and in rugby union, with the tackling of opposing players replaced by a touch. Touch is therefore not a contact sport but a limited-contact sport.

觸球最早是由英式橄欖球 (15人式) 以及聯盟式橄欖球 (13人式) 變化出來的。觸球的觸碰取代了橄欖球防守球員將對方抱截的動作。觸球是有限的接觸運動。

Distinctive features of Touch include the ease of learning, minimal equipment requirements and the ability to play it without fear of major injury.


While it is generally played with two teams of six on-field players, some social competitions allow different number of players per team on the field.


It is played by both sexes, and in age divisions from primary school children to over-50s. The mixed version of the game (where both male and female players are on the field at the same time) is particularly popular with social players, and it is widely played in schools.


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You can learn more about CTTA’s governance structure from this PDF.



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