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CTTA Governance Structure

To all Touchers in Taiwan – we have put together some slides so that everyone can better understand the role of the CTTA in the growth and development of Touch in Taiwan. We hope that these can give you a better idea of the separation of roles between CTTA and affiliated regional Touch associations.

為了讓大家更加了解臺灣觸球協會在臺灣推廣和發展觸球的角色, 我們為您準備這些幻燈片. 我們希望這些資訊能夠給您看出臺灣觸球協會以及各區域的隸屬會員協會的責任.

We have included governance models from Australia & New Zealand for reference. We have developed a governance model we believe best reflects the nature of Touch in Taiwan.

我們有包括澳大利牙和紐西蘭觸球協會的經營模式給大家做為參考. 我們發展出最能夠反映臺灣觸球特色的治理模式。

You can find a PDF version of these slides on the CTTA website:
您可以在臺灣觸球協會的官方網站找到這些幻燈片的 PDF 版本.


Asian Club Championships 2015 – Pattaya, Thailand

Dear Touchers,

The date and venue for the 2015 Asian Club Championships have been announced.

It will be held in Pattaya, Thailand.

Any CTTA referees that want to come to this event, please register your interest with your National Referee Director @ Endorsement from your country is mandatory.

For more details, please clink on the link below.
Asian Club Championships 2015 – Fact Sheet
Asian Club Championships 2015 International Referee Package

Asian Club Championships 2015 Flyer

News: FIT Playing Rules now in Traditional Chinese!





FIT Playing Rules 4th Edition is now in Traditional Chinese! With full endorsement from FIT!
You can view/download the Introduction to FIT Playing Rules and the Chinese Version of the Rule from our website!

Chinese Taipei Rules Book Introduction

FIT Playing Rules 4th Edition Traditional Chinese Version

Thank you Federation of International Touch!

Analysis: Touch play-by-play

Have a read of this very good post from Hotpott Taiwan-Richard, which provides a play-by-play analysis of the try-scoring plays during the final of the last Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League. It’s a great reference for those interested in the tactical side of Touch.

Info/News: Japanese star lends locals a hand – Taipei Times

Last Saturday was the 2014 Chinese Taipei Touch Tournament.  One of the players, playing for Taipei’s Team Hukit, was Hide Nara.  Hide is a member of the Japan national team, and is currently living the dream – traveling the world playing touch.

Having Hide (or Hitch, as he is also known) at the tournament was a huge boost to Touch in Taiwan.  Not only did he wow us with his skills and steps, but Hitch was also selfless in sharing his knowledge of the game with anyone who asked.  When he wasn’t playing or refereeing, Hitch could be seen teaching plays to team mates, helping others improve their passing and catching skills, or simply pass on small little pointers that certainly helped to boost the level of everyone’s game.

There was an article published on the tournament in yesterday’s Taipei Times Newspaper.  You can also follow Hide’s travels at his blog (in Japanese only)

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