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TAS Touch Invitational Tournament 2015

TAS Touch Invitational Tournament 2015


Organised by Taipei Touch Association & Taipei American School 由臺北觸球協會以及臺北美國學校合辦

The Second Edition of the TAS Touch Invitational Tournament will take place on Saturday the 17th of January 2015. This was such a great success in 2014, the organizers have come together to bring you what would hopefully be another fast-paced tournament!!

Details are below:

When: 9:30 am – 1.00 pm, Saturday 17th January 2015
Where: Taipei American School, No. 800 Chung Shan North Road, Section 6, Shilin District, Taipei City.

Player Entry Fee: NT$100 (non-TAS Students/faculty/staff)

Playing field: There is ONE full size field (70 m x 50 m) and ONE smaller size field (50 m x 45m). Tap ball on the smaller field will take place on the score line.
Playing Rules: Modified FIT Rules (minimum 2 females on field at all times)
Team Limits: Maximum 16 registered players per team (Minimum 4 registered females)
Referees: Each team must nominate at least 4 referees.
TEAM ENTRY FORMS can be downloaded at, these MUST be submitted by 17:00, Thursday January 8th 2015.

FB Events Page can be found here!!

第二屆的臺北美國學校觸球邀請賽將會在2015年1月17日 (週六) 舉行. 由於第1屆舉辦的成功,主辦單位決定再次給大家帶來一個節奏快又好玩的錦標賽!!

日期: 9.30 am – 1.00 pm, 週六,2015年1月17日
地點: 臺北美國學校,臺北市士林區中山北路六段800號
報名費: 每人新台幣$100(非學校學生、教師等)

場地: 1 x 全場 70 m x 50 m 的場地,1 x 比較小, 50 m x 45 m 的場地。第二場地的點球和重新點球將會在觸地得分線上開始。
規則: 修改過的FIT規則 (場上最少2名女球員)
隊伍限制: 每隊最多註冊16名球員 (最少4名女球員)
裁判: 每隊必須提名最少4名裁判

隊伍報名表可以在 下載, 隊伍報名表必須在2015年1月8日的下午5點完成。

TAS Touch Invitational Poster 2


Update: Shanghai International Touch Tournament

CTTA President Ting Fan represented the Chinese Taipei Association at the annual Shanghai International Touch Tournament (SITT).  Below is his report of the event, including some clarifications on FIT rules,  and take-outs from the refereeing coaching that was also part of the tournament.

Hi all,

I represented CTTA and attended the SITT over the weekend. Below is the write up.

SITT was a very well organized with over 600 players, 47teams spread over 7 divisions, playing on 7 full size fields at the Shanghai RugbyFootball Club (SRFC). Teams came from Thailand, HongKong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of China. Shanghai Touch Association (STA) are full of very genuineand friendly people. The main objective of my trip was to attend the Referee Workshop andmeet other teams from around Asia. For this year the tournament had more than20 referees, spearheaded by AlexWong (AUS, L6), Miah Williams (NZL, World No. 1, L6) with many other veryexperienced referees (L3-L6) flying from Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australiaand New Zealand. Thefeedback I heard afterwards were the quality of the referees which had apositive effect on the tournament.

Taiwan Visits

Teams expressing interest to visit Taipei: Tokyo Open(winner of Men Open division Cup), Shanghai Dragons (runner-up Mixed divisionCup).  In saying that, we should be aiming to send teams away tolet ourselves known to other teams and help drive the interest for all parties.

Referee Workshop

Great workshop and very helpful. From 9.30 am – 4.00 pm.  Here are some of the points I jolted down:

  • Communication – managing players, verbal & non-verbal
  • Competency – earning respect with content knowledge
  • Control
  • Consistency
  • Composure

Highlighting some of the Rules from FIT Playing Rules 4th Edition

  •  5. Proper touch field (70m x 50m), 5 m is about 7 m.
  •  Two referees – one on the side line, watching the Link& Wing, the other in line with the defensive team. Not the two fullbacksystem we have been using.
  •  6. For mixed teams, 14/team, only 4 players (min 1female) are required to start the game. Allow 2 minutes to get players on thefield, otherwise game is forfeit.
  •  8. Winner of coin toss chooses direction & sub box.They also tap first in the drop-off.
  •  On the “Fifth” touch, call “Fifth” or “FirthTouch” not “Fifth and Last”. Because an event might occurwhere touch count resets and the team in possession continues.
  •  Fwd Pass – Ball leaves the hand with obvious handgesturing forward. If the momentum and wind carries the ball forward, it is notforward pass.
  •  PENALTY Mark – Where the offense occurred.
  •  Off the mark – The trailing leg crosses over the balland the back leg takes one more step over the mark before the ball is dumped –off the mark
  •  If a player places the ball on the ground onor over the Scoreline at the same time that a Touch is made, the Touchcounts and a Touchdown is not awarded – benefit to the defender
  •  However, when sliding to touchdown and the defender isstanding when he/she makes the touch, gravity should get your lower than thestanding defender
  •  Sliding to score – Must be on the score line &beyond, never before the score line.
  •  Acting half only has 1-2sec to pick up the ball before “No half, play on”. The defendingteam must step over the ball, acting half then plays on. The attacking turneddefending team must retreat 5 m.
  •  Delaying roll ball. The player have 1-2 sec to performroll ball, otherwise PENALTY is awarded.
  •  Minimum force to effect touch – Defending &Attacking players can push players, provided that – the player is not thrownoff balance, knocked backwards. Tactic used to help defenders to get back onside.
  •  Offside – no need to tell players they’re onside, onlywhen they are OFFSIDE, “centre/link/wing/jersey number you’reshort/come to me/here is the five”.
  •  Offside at roll ball – Defending player interferingwith roll ball, the PENALTY awarded at 5 m forward of the initial roll ballmark (where the offside player should have been, 15m gain).
  •  Offside at tap ball – PENALTY awarded at 10 m in front(where the offside player should have been, 20m gain).
  •  Player in possession initiates touch on a defendingplayer who is making a genuine effort to get on side – Touch counts.
  •  16. Penalties – Scale of escalation
  •  17. Go by what you see: Warning – PENALTY – VoluntarySubstitution – Forced Substitution – Dismissal. Referee has discretion for anyplayer who are not in the “Spirit of the game”.
  •  Dismissal a period oftime – Referee decide how long the player is off for, but the non-offendingteam should get at least two attacking sets and two sets of defending sets.
  •  10. Phantom Touch at scoreline: Award touchdown,defending playing can be sent off for whole game.
  •  Playersmust avoid calling “yes/touch” followed by “no/notouch”
  •  Calling “Yes” then “No” whenthe defender realizes she made a mistake and retreats, play “Advantage” to theteam in possession
  •  Calling “Yes”, and persisting whilstknowing they are at fault, see scale of escalation below.
  •  Ball deliberately knocked from hands – PENALTY.Accidentally knocked from hands, touch count resets.
  •  Touch & Pass – Very late pass – PENALTY.Simultaneous touch & pass – “Gone, play on”
  •  Touch within 5 m line. If the team in possession rollsthe ball beyond the 5 m line, the defending team must all continue movingforward to make touch. If the team in possession rolls the ball within the 5 mline, the defending team does not need to move forward.
  •  Referee has control over the field, players andcoaches/team managers.


大家好,我個人出參加上海國際觸球競標賽 – 寫了一個小報告給大家分享

2013年的上海國際觸球競標賽總共有47隊報名7個組別。這次的競標賽由上海觸球協會(Shanghai Touch Association, STA) 在上海瑞碧橄欖球俱樂部 (Shanghai Rugby Football Club, SRFC)舉辦的。SRFC的草皮大於足夠包容7個70 m x 50 m的場地,讓筆者看到之後差點流淚。報名的球隊來自于泰國、香港、日本、馬來西亞、新加坡以及中國各地。筆者這去上海的主要目的為參加“裁判培訓”以及各亞洲各地的球隊多聯繫,希望他們後期也有機會來寶島台灣參於我們的競標賽。

本屆競標賽也有邀請20多位裁判,自費從泰國、新加坡、香港、澳大利亞以及紐西蘭來到上海協助。陣容包括Alex Wong (澳洲L6), Miah Williams (紐西蘭L6,世界第一)。 多數的參賽者都聲明,有水準高的裁判來執法,不但有積極的作用,比賽的氣氛也不一樣了。


* 在正規球場(70m x 50m)時候,5m 越位線其實是7m – 這樣有助於進攻方。

*兩個裁判 – 一個裁判在防守方關注越位線,另一位裁判在邊線觀察最靠近邊線的兩位球員(Link & Wing)是否有在越位線之後方。

* 男女混合隊 – 14位球員,但是場上只要4位球員就能開球(最少一位女球員)。如果兩分鐘之後,球隊人數不足或者球隊遲到的話,就被視為棄權。

* 拋硬幣或者猜拳的贏方不但獲得球權,還可以選擇場地方向以及兩邊的替換箱。另外-加時賽時也是開球方。

* 在第五“Touch”時,直接喊”Fifth、FirthTouch” 而不是“Firth & Last”, 因為有可能發生情況讓控球方另獲得再6次Touch.

* Forward Pass前傳 – 如果球離開手的時候,手的姿勢很明顯的往前傳球– 當地PENALTY犯規。

*  如果動量、衝力或者風力把球往前吹,並不是前傳。

* Roll ball off the mark 滾球越位– 放球之前,最靠近自方達陣線的腿跨越球之後,第二支腿再跨一步之後再放球– 越位犯規

*Touch down 達陣 – 如果控球員把球放在達陣線上或達陣區里的同時也被Touch到,裁判會宣佈Touch有算 – 有利於防守方。

*  但是如果控球員是以滑行動作把球放在達陣線上以及達陣區的話,而防守員是站立的姿勢來Touch控球員。控球員的地吸引力將會讓他、她更接近地面而在被Touch前先達陣。

* 控球員滑行達陣時,球必須放在達陣線上或者達陣線區里,不能在達陣線前。

*  Half 最多只有1-2秒時間撿球, 沒有Half的話,1-2秒之後裁判會喊“Nohalf, play on”。防守隊可以往前,跨過球之後變成控球隊,然後有Half上來撿球。原控球隊變防守隊必須退5m.

* Roll Ball 滾球必須在被Touch之後的第一時間內執行– 故意延時將被犯規。

*  Touch 必須以最少力量而執行 – 控球方以及防守方可以Push 推對方 – 但是一定不能過於用力而把導致對方失去平衡、摔倒導致受傷等。採用輕力以助於防守方退後是策略。

* Offside 越位 – 裁判不用告知球員他、她們已經退5m,只需要告知他、她們還Offside的時候。

*  Roll ball 時越位 – 防守員妨礙控球員執行rollball, 犯規Penalty。裁判將會指揮控球隊再往前5m的地方執行roll ball(犯規球員原本該站的越位線),並且罰10m (總共15m利於控球方)

*  Tap ball 時越位 – 防守員越位犯規。裁判將會指揮控方在往前10m的地方執行Tap ball (犯規球員原本該站的越位線,並且罰10m (總共20m 利於控球方)

*  控球員自己Touch一直設法後退到越位線後的防守員 – 算Touch,因為防守員沒有犯規。

* 犯規嚴重性階梯 – 如果犯規球員不以觸球的格言“打球精神“為主的話,裁判擁有自由裁量權

*  警告  

*  犯規罰球10m

*  自願性換人上場

*  強制性換人上場

*  時間性出場 – 球員不得替補,由裁判決定出場時間

*  無時間性出場 – 球員不得替補,並且在接下兩場都不能出席

* 時間性出場 – 裁判擁有自由裁量權, 最短時間為非犯規方擁有兩次控球的Set 以及兩次方防守的Set。

* Phantom touch @ score line 在達陣線上故意喊Touch– 裁判將會算達陣,然後可以已時間性出場或者非時間性出場來懲罰犯規球員。

*  球員最好不要喊Yes/touch”然後立刻喊”No/Notouch”, 因為他、她其實沒有Touch到控球員。

*  如果以上情況發生的話,然後防守員自己有意識錯誤,並且立刻退後。裁判可以喊Advantage 利於  控球方“

*  如果防守員喊Yes/touch” 但是明知自己犯錯,裁判採用犯規嚴重性階梯。

* 防守員故意打控球員手握的球並且導致球落地 – Penalty 犯規。

*  非故意的話 – Touch數歸零0。

* Touch & Pass Touch之後傳球– 如果非常明顯– Penalty犯規。 如果同時Touch以及傳球– 裁判可以喊Gone,play on 球已離手,繼續玩球

* 控球員在進攻的5M線Touch– 可以把球拿到5m線外進行rollball.

*  如果在5m 線外rollball, 防守方必須從達陣線一直往前執行Touch– 不能停留在達陣線上– 否則犯規Penalty.

*  如果控球員在5M線內roll ball, 防守方不需要從達陣線一直往前– 可以停留在達陣線上。

* 裁判的主控權利包括 – 場地,球員,球隊管理以及教練等