Shanghai International Touch Tournament 2015

Dear Touchers,

Please see the SITT 2015 Fact Sheet-2 for more information on this massive event. In 2014, 50 teams played a combined total of 120 games over 7 divisions!

This event is organized by Shanghai Touch Association, affiliated under China Touch Association.

As this is F.I.T. Sanctioned event, anyone interested in attending needs to be affiliated to C.T.T.A.!!


請查看 SITT 2015 Fact Sheet-2 以便瞭解這巨大的錦標賽! 2014 年,50 支球隊在 7 個不同的等級進行了總共 120 場比賽哦!

該錦標賽是由 上海觸球協會 主辦的, 它們隸屬於 中國觸球協會。

由於這是 F.I.T. 認可的活動,所有有興趣的朋友們需要是 臺灣觸球協會的會員哦!!


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