Registered teams for TTT 2015!

Dear Touchers,

One month until the first tap-off of the 2015 Taipei Touch Tournament! This year the organizers welcome six teams who will visit our beautiful island country for the first time. Below are the list of teams registered for the 3rd Taipei Touch Tournament.

1. HUKIT (Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.)

  1. R1* (Hong Kong)
  2. ZION* (Hong Kong)
  3. FLASHMOB RFC (Hong Kong)
  4. IVE* (LWL) (Hong Kong)
  6. SEXY SAUSAGE (Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.)
  7. ST IVE (Hong Kong)
  8. PACIFIC DRAGONS (Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.)
  9. PHILIPPINE COBRAS* (Manila, Philippines)
  10. SHANGHAI DRAGONS* (Shanghai, China)
  11. JUGGERNAUTS (Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C.)

* Denotes first time entering our tournament.

Who will be in the Cup final this year? Will it be the Dragons from the mighty Pacific Ocean, or the Dragons across the Taiwan Strait from the Orient? Come and find out for yourselves!

The organizers will like to thank ALL of the teams who have expressed interests in participating in our tournament and the playing draw will be announced soon!!


距離2015 年臺北觸球錦標賽的第一個點球只剩一個月的時間咯! 今年主辦單位將熱烈的歡迎六支初次來訪我們美麗寶島的球隊。 以下為第3屆臺北觸球錦標賽註冊的球隊。

1. HUKIT (臺北市, 臺灣)

  1. R1* (香港)
  2. ZION* (香港)
  3. FLASHMOB RFC (香港)
  4. IVE* (LWL) (香港)
  6. SEXY SAUSAGE (臺北市, 臺灣)
  7. ST IVE (香港)
  8. PACIFIC DRAGONS (臺北市, 臺灣)
  9. PHILIPPINE COBRAS* (馬尼拉, 菲律賓)
  10. SHANGHAI DRAGONS* (上海市, 中國)
  11. JUGGERNAUTS (臺中市, 臺灣)* 表示初次參加我們的錦標賽。

今年杯獎盃決賽將是由那兩支球隊來爭霸呢? 會不會是來自於太平洋的火龍隊? 還是飄過臺灣海峽的東方龍呢? 大家一起來球場觀看吧!


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