TTT 2015 Presentation Dinner & Party!

Dear Touchers,
The organizers are proud to announce this year’s Presentation Dinner and Party will be hosted by The Brass Monkey (Fuxing) and Redpoint Breweries.

This year’s team registration includes dinner for all registered players/referees/officials, and the team at The Brass Monkey have put together a mouth-watering buffet dinner, which can be washed down with thirst-quenching Redpoint’s Longdong Lager or TPA.

Thank you very much to The Official Sponsors to the 2015 Taipei Touch Tournament, The Brass Monkey & Redpoint Breweries for their continuing support!


主辦單位很榮幸的宣佈,今年的頒獎晚宴和派對將由 銅猴子酒吧 (復興店) 和 紅點手工鮮釀啤酒主辦。

今年的球隊報名費,包括所有註冊的球員/裁判員的晚餐,而銅猴子的團隊將會準備一頓令人垂涎的晚餐。大家可以暢飲解渴的紅點龍洞Lager 或台PA陪晚餐。


dinnerbanner copy


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