2018 Taipei Touch Tournament Results

2018 Taipei Touch Tournament Results

Organized by Taipei Touch Association, an affiliate of Chinese Taipei Touch Association. 由臺灣觸球協會隸屬會員, 臺北觸球協會主辦!

Write up from Taipei Touch Association.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Tournament Organisers, volunteers, captains, players, medics (Judy Jang) cameramen (Peter Yu and Sean Carless), referees (all 20 odd of you. Special thank you goes out to the full-time referee team Simon Bernie (TSG), Victoria Offland (TSG), Kotaro Fujita (JTA) and Trent Prestegar (CTTA) for your professionalism and dedication. Sean Carless & Antoni Barry for administration and making sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you to the Sports Depart We would like say THANK YOU to Simon Bernie (L6) for showing us the true SPIRIT OF THE GAME and coaching many referees on the day.
This year, over 100 people participated in the 2018 Taipei Touch Tournament with 7 teams entering the Mixed Open Division, they are as follows. Three teams from Hong Kong (Galaxy Touch, Thunder, and Nam Wah Catholic Seconday School), 1 team from Tokyo (Jonan Jokers Touch), 3 teams from Taipei (MIDAS Touch, Sexy Beasts, and Pacific Dragons). We thank you all for your support and participation, and we wish to see you again in the near future!

Congratulations to Pacific Dragons for winning the PLATE Trophy and Jonan Jokers Touch for winning the CUP Trophy!

除了感謝感謝還有感謝! 2018年的Taipei Touch Tournament 臺北觸球競標賽在四月二十一日舉辦圓滿的結束。我們需要感謝的包括 錦標賽委員會,所有志願者, 教練, 領隊, 隊員, 運動防護員 (張欣蕓), 攝影師 (Peter Yu、Sean Carless), 20幾位的裁判團隊 。特別感謝全職裁判Simon Bernie (TSG), Victoria Offland (TSG), Kotaro Fujita (JTA), Trent Prestegar (CTTA)。 感謝新北市政府體育處讓我們租借那麼好的場地。感謝Sean Carless 和 Antoni Barry 確保賽程一切進展順利。最後我們還需要和Simon Bernie (L6) 說最大聲的感謝! 因為您們展示了這個運動的真正精神,您對於在亞洲發展觸球的熱心是令人佩服的,我們很感謝您們教導其他的裁判們。
今年的臺北觸球競標賽有超過100位參賽者,男女混合公開組有7支球隊;3支香港球隊(Galaxy Touch, Thunder 和 Nam Wah Catholic Secondary School), 1 支日本東京球隊 (Jonan Jokers Touch), 3 支臺北球隊 (MIDAS Touch, Sexy Beasts & Pacific Dragons). 我們感謝大家的支持和參與,我們非常希望在不就的將來能夠再次見到您!

恭喜 Pacific Dragons 獲勝 獎盤冠軍 (PLATE TROPHY) 以及 Jonan Jokers Touch 獲勝 獎盃冠軍 (CUP TROPHY)!

Photo Courtesy of Peter Yu and Sean Carless!


Posted by Peter Yu on Sunday, April 22, 2018

A few photos from today's action. Big thanks to the organizing committee, Mr Ting Fan and to all the teams and referees who traveled to join us for this great day's touching.

Posted by Sean Carless on Saturday, April 21, 2018


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