TWC 2019 Tryouts

Dear Touchers,
Thank you for expressing interest to be part of the TWC 2019 campaign.

非常感謝您表達興趣參加 2019年觸球世界杯.
Below are the information for Trials:
以下為 選拔的詳細:
1. Sunday 24th of Jun, 2018, 1 pm – 4 pm
2. Sunday 1st of Jul, 2018,1 pm – 4 pm
1. 2018年6月24日,下午 1 點 – 4 點
2. 2018年 7月1日,下午 1 點 – 4 點

FuHe Sports Park 
No. 7, Alley 5, Lane 7, Fuhe Road, Yonghe District, New Taipei City, 234
02 8969 9596

You are required to attend both dates, so please come fit, prepared with an open mindset. If you cannot attend these above dates for any reason, please reply to me ASAP. 
您將需要參與以上兩天,所以請適應并準備開放的心態。 如果您有原因不能參加的話,請盡快告知我。

This will be CTTA’s first Touch World Cup campaign, we aim to get an idea of the squad by July.

Payment for this tournament is due by 1st of September, 2018. So we are working with that date in mind.

2019年將會是 臺灣觸球協會 第一次參加觸球世界杯。我們希望能夠在7月確定人數。世界杯的報名費要在今年9月1日繳納,所以我們是以這個日期為目標。

Once the squad is settled, there will be a schedule of dates for future training camps held once every 4 to 6 weeks.


Important to note:

* Players must have resided in Taiwan (R.O.C.) for more than three continuous years to be eligible. FIT Eligibility Policy * Cost/person for the trip to Malaysia could be > TWD $40,000/PP, (registration TWD 9,000 – 11,000/PP).

* All players will need to be members of CTTA. (U20 players will need parental consent). There is a joining fee of TWD $100/person and it is TWD $200/year.

* All players will need to sign the Team Selection Policy (by Play by the Rules).

* All players will need to adhere to CTTA’s Code of Behaviour. Once selected, all players will need to adhere to CTTA’s National Representative Code of Conduct.

* We are looking for corporate/government sponsorship (no guarantee), but most likely the players will need to pay for themselves.

* 球員必須在台灣居住連續三年以上才符合條件。 FIT Eligibility Policy
* 去馬來西亞這一趟的費用是可能每人 TWD $40,000以上 (報名費 TWD $9,000 – 11,000).
* 所有的球員都必須成為 臺灣觸球協會的會員 (未滿二十歲者,
* 所有的球員都必須閱讀并同意  隊選擇政策 (by Play by the Rules).
* 所有的球員都必須遵守 臺灣觸球協會的 所有隸屬 (附屬) 會員的行為守則 . 當選上國家隊之後,球員必須遵守 臺灣觸球協會的 國家代表隊的行為守則.
* 我們將在查詢企業或國家贊助 (沒有保證通過),原則上球員需要自備。
If you know of some one who could be interested, please send them the link for Expression of Interest.


CTTA - World Cup Tryouts

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