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Introductory Level Referees’ Course 入門級裁判員課程

Dear Touchers,

Please see the attached Invitation Letter for the Introductory Level Referees’ Course to be held on the 12th of December 2015.

Participants must complete both the theory and practical assessment in order to attain accreditation. The theory assessment will take place during the course, while the practical assessment will be during league/tournaments at a later date.

We will inform interested participants the cost of this course.

Please express your interest before 5 pm, November 14, 2015.



請查看入門級裁判員課程的邀請信,本課程將在 2015 年 12 月 12 日舉辦。



請在2015 年 11 月 14 日的下午 5 點前表示您的興趣。

Participants should meet the following criteria, including but not limited to:

* Must be a registered & paid member of Chinese Taipei Touch Association, or a recognized Affiliate (e.g TTA) or a registered member of any other FIT authorized National Touch Association.

* Faculty members of the hosting school are exempt from the above rule. Their CTTA membership will be covered by their Course Registration Fee.

* With refereeing experience (e.g. For Taipei, referees should be involved in weekly TTA sessions, Taipei Touch Leagues and/or tournaments).

* Actively involved in the local Touch scene and whom will continue to contribute positively to the local Touch community.

* Taiwan based referees should be located in Taiwan R.O.C. for the foreseeable future (minimum of 2 years).
* After accreditation, must be actively refereeing to lift the level of touch (e.g. For Taipei, referees should be involved in weekly TTA sessions, Taipei Touch Leagues and/or tournaments).

* Due to limited spots available for this course, the organizers will screen each potential candidate based (not limited) on the above criteria and withhold the right to decline applications on a case-by-case basis


*必須是臺灣觸球協會 (CTTA) 或認可的隸屬會員協會 (如臺北觸球協會 TTA)的註冊及付費會員,或任何其他合適的 FIT 隸屬國家觸球協會的會員。


*擁有裁判員的經驗 (如臺北裁判員應參與每週的TTA活動、臺北觸球聯賽和/或錦標賽等)。


*位於臺灣的裁判應在可預見的將來定居在台灣 (至少2年)。

*獲得認證後,一定要積極執行裁判員以提升觸球的水平 (如臺北裁判員應參與每週的TTA活動,臺北觸球聯賽和/或錦標賽)。

*由於本課程參加人數有限,主辦單位將基於以上標準 (不限於) 篩選每一位潛在的候選人,並包留拒絕參與者的所有權利。


Introductory Referee Course Invitation Sep 2015

Weekly Touch Sessions in Taipei!!

If you are in Taipei, there are Three Weekly Touch Sessions organized by our affiliates Taipei Touch Association!!

如果您在臺北的話,我們隸屬會員 “臺北觸球協會” 每週都有三次觸球時間哦!!

Weekly Touch Sessions June 2015

Shanghai International Touch Tournament 2015

Dear Touchers,

Please see the SITT 2015 Fact Sheet-2 for more information on this massive event. In 2014, 50 teams played a combined total of 120 games over 7 divisions!

This event is organized by Shanghai Touch Association, affiliated under China Touch Association.

As this is F.I.T. Sanctioned event, anyone interested in attending needs to be affiliated to C.T.T.A.!!


請查看 SITT 2015 Fact Sheet-2 以便瞭解這巨大的錦標賽! 2014 年,50 支球隊在 7 個不同的等級進行了總共 120 場比賽哦!

該錦標賽是由 上海觸球協會 主辦的, 它們隸屬於 中國觸球協會。

由於這是 F.I.T. 認可的活動,所有有興趣的朋友們需要是 臺灣觸球協會的會員哦!!

Touch on TV!! 電視節目上有觸球哦!!

Dear Touchers,

Back in February, members of CTTA & TTA were randomly involved in a local TV program, where the hosts and hostess got to try out our beloved sport of Touch for the first time!

Thank you very much to the producers for this opportunity and we hope to see more people play Touch in the communities here in Taiwan, R.O.C. !

Our segment starts at around the 28:00 mark.


在二月的時候,臺灣觸球協會和臺北觸球協會的會員很巧的在路上被亂入生活。 節目裏面的帥哥美女主持人有機會嘗試我們所愛的觸球運動!!


我們影片的部份大約在 28:00 開始。

Youtube Link courtesy of 瘋神無雙

2015 Taipei Touch Tournament Results

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the Tournament Organisers Committee (Trent Prestegar, Fershad Irani, Papa Pete, Eddie Lv, Ya-Hui Ho, Allen Lin, David Liao, Jane Lin, Zi-De Wu, Ingrid Wang), volunteers, coaches, captains, players, medics (許馨之、卓欣慈) cameramen/women (蘇祐正、Elsa Chang), referees (all 40 odd of you, especially full time referees Simon Bernie & Allen Lin), Chinese Taipei Rugby Football Union, Taipei International Rugby Football Club (Taipei Baboons), and friends of participants who entered the 2015 Taipei Touch Tournament. Sean Carless & David Liao for administration and making sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you to our sponsors Redpoint Breweries, Leo’s Tuck Shop, Meat Mate and New Zealand Natural for keeping everyone satisfied with food and drinks. Thank you to Max Murphy and Redpoint Breweries for sponsoring the event and hosting the dinner and prize-giving at The Brass Monkey! Last but not least, we would like to say THANK YOU to Simon Bernie (L3) & Tony Wong (L3), for showing us the true SPIRIT OF THE GAME and coaching many referees on the day.  Your passion for the sport we love and your determination to help grow the sport of touch within Asia, it is the selfless people like yourself, whom makes this sport so much more enjoyable.
This year, over 150 people participated in the 2015 Taipei Touch Tournament with 12 teams entering the Open Mixed Division, they are as follows. Six teams from Hong Kong (Flashmob RFC, ST IVE, R1, Zion, IVE (LWL), Hong Kong Design Institute), 1 team from Manila (Philippine Cobras National Development Team), 1 team from Shanghai (Shanghai Dragons), 3 teams from Taipei (HUKIT, Sexy Sausage, Pacific Dragons) and 1 team from Taichung (Juggernauts). We thank you all for your support and participation, and we wish to see you again in the near future!

除了感謝感謝還有感謝。 2015年的Taipei Touch Tournament 臺北觸球競標賽在四月十一日舉辦的。我們需要感謝的包括 錦標賽委員會, 柯瑞 Trent Prestegar, 伊沛學 Fershad Irani, Papa Pete, 呂俊佑, 何雅惠, 林健鴻, 廖守謙, 林鈺禎, 吳子德, 王虹穎),  志願者, 教練, 領隊, 隊員, 運動防護員 (許馨之、卓欣慈), 攝影師 (蘇祐正、Elsa Chang), 裁判團隊 (40幾位,特別感謝全職裁判 Simon Bernie & 林健鴻), 中華民國橄欖球協會, 臺北國際橄欖球俱樂部, 所有參加競標賽隊友親朋好友們。 廖守謙 和 Sean Carless 確保賽程一切進展順利。感謝贊助商紅點鮮釀啤酒 – Redpoint Breweries, 里奧的灶咖 – Leo’s Tuck Shop, Meat Mate, New Zealand Natural 提供美味飲食。感謝Max Murphy & 紅點鮮釀啤酒贊助本屆活動以及在銅猴子舉辦晚餐和頒獎典禮。 最後我們還需要和Simon Bernie (L3) & Tony Wong (L3)說最大聲的感謝您!因為兩位展示了這個運動的真正精神,您對於在亞洲發展觸球的熱心是令人佩服的,我們很感謝您們教導其他的裁判們。
今年的臺北觸球競標賽有超過150位參賽者,成人男女混合組有12支球隊;6支香港球隊 (Flashmob RFC, ST IVE, R1, Zion, IVE (LWL), Hong Kong Design Institute), 1支馬尼拉球隊 (Philippine Cobras National Development Team), 1 支上海球隊 (Shanghai Dragons), 3 支臺北球隊 (HUKIT, Sexy Sausage, Pacific Dragons)  以及 1 支臺中球隊 (Juggernauts). 我們感謝大家的支持和參與,我們非常希望在不就的將來能夠再次見到您!

Some games have been uploaded onto the Taipei Touch Association Youtube Channel! Thank you Elsa Chang for filming!

2015 Taipei Touch Tournament Results

Points Table after pool play


2015 Taipei Touch Tournament

Dear Touchers,

The biggest event on the Taiwan’s Touch Calendar is finally upon us!

Please make sure to arrive early, as games will start on time. As per FIT rules, teams failure to take the field within two minutes of the hooter is deemed to forfeit the game by the organizers.

Captains please come to the ADMIN Tent to sign The Indemnity Waiver Form and pay the Team Registration Fee before the tournament starts.

The forecast is cloudy with occasional showers. Please note we will not cancel the tournament unless there is a thunderstorm or typhoon. The organizers might call play to pause during heavy rain and the length on game time must be adjusted accordingly.

See you all tomorrow!



由於比賽將會準時開始,請大家提早抵達球場。 根據 FIT 規則,如果球隊在哨笛響之後的兩分鐘內都沒有上場,主辦單位將會宣佈該球隊棄權。

隊長們請在錦標賽開始前先到 ADMIN 的帳篷來簽參賽同意書並支付球隊報名費。



TTT 2015 Draw

Sponsors-Mar-2015 Bailing Fields Mar 2015

TTT 2015 Information Pack & Playing Draw

Dear Touchers,

Please use the links to download the Information Pack, Playing Draw and read the information carefully. Captains please come to the ADMIN Tent to sign The Indemnity Waiver Form and pay the Team Registration Fee before the tournament starts.

TTT 2015 Information Pack
TTT 2015 Playing Draw*
* Should there be any changes to the draw, the organizers will notify the teams in advance.


請使用以下的鏈接下載錦標賽信息包,賽程表並閱讀所有的信息。隊長們請在錦標賽開始前先到 ADMIN 的帳篷來簽參賽同意書並支付球隊報名費。

TTT 2015 錦標賽信息包
TTT 2015 賽程表*
* 如果有任何的變化,主辦單位將會提前通知球隊


TTT 2015 Presentation Dinner & Party!

Dear Touchers,
The organizers are proud to announce this year’s Presentation Dinner and Party will be hosted by The Brass Monkey (Fuxing) and Redpoint Breweries.

This year’s team registration includes dinner for all registered players/referees/officials, and the team at The Brass Monkey have put together a mouth-watering buffet dinner, which can be washed down with thirst-quenching Redpoint’s Longdong Lager or TPA.

Thank you very much to The Official Sponsors to the 2015 Taipei Touch Tournament, The Brass Monkey & Redpoint Breweries for their continuing support!


主辦單位很榮幸的宣佈,今年的頒獎晚宴和派對將由 銅猴子酒吧 (復興店) 和 紅點手工鮮釀啤酒主辦。

今年的球隊報名費,包括所有註冊的球員/裁判員的晚餐,而銅猴子的團隊將會準備一頓令人垂涎的晚餐。大家可以暢飲解渴的紅點龍洞Lager 或台PA陪晚餐。


dinnerbanner copy

Registered teams for TTT 2015!

Dear Touchers,

One month until the first tap-off of the 2015 Taipei Touch Tournament! This year the organizers welcome six teams who will visit our beautiful island country for the first time. Below are the list of teams registered for the 3rd Taipei Touch Tournament.

1. HUKIT (Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.)

  1. R1* (Hong Kong)
  2. ZION* (Hong Kong)
  3. FLASHMOB RFC (Hong Kong)
  4. IVE* (LWL) (Hong Kong)
  6. SEXY SAUSAGE (Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.)
  7. ST IVE (Hong Kong)
  8. PACIFIC DRAGONS (Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.)
  9. PHILIPPINE COBRAS* (Manila, Philippines)
  10. SHANGHAI DRAGONS* (Shanghai, China)
  11. JUGGERNAUTS (Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C.)

* Denotes first time entering our tournament.

Who will be in the Cup final this year? Will it be the Dragons from the mighty Pacific Ocean, or the Dragons across the Taiwan Strait from the Orient? Come and find out for yourselves!

The organizers will like to thank ALL of the teams who have expressed interests in participating in our tournament and the playing draw will be announced soon!!


距離2015 年臺北觸球錦標賽的第一個點球只剩一個月的時間咯! 今年主辦單位將熱烈的歡迎六支初次來訪我們美麗寶島的球隊。 以下為第3屆臺北觸球錦標賽註冊的球隊。

1. HUKIT (臺北市, 臺灣)

  1. R1* (香港)
  2. ZION* (香港)
  3. FLASHMOB RFC (香港)
  4. IVE* (LWL) (香港)
  6. SEXY SAUSAGE (臺北市, 臺灣)
  7. ST IVE (香港)
  8. PACIFIC DRAGONS (臺北市, 臺灣)
  9. PHILIPPINE COBRAS* (馬尼拉, 菲律賓)
  10. SHANGHAI DRAGONS* (上海市, 中國)
  11. JUGGERNAUTS (臺中市, 臺灣)* 表示初次參加我們的錦標賽。

今年杯獎盃決賽將是由那兩支球隊來爭霸呢? 會不會是來自於太平洋的火龍隊? 還是飄過臺灣海峽的東方龍呢? 大家一起來球場觀看吧!


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

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