Media: The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 3.0 Week 1 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽 3.0 第1周

Full Gallery:

Organized by Taipei Touch Association 由臺北觸球協會主辦.

TBMTTL 3.0 has 112 players registering in seven teams. They are the defending Cup Champions The Taiwan Celts, Sexy Beasts, KGB, defending Plate Champions Taipei Hulks, Mr. Sausages, new comers Taiwan Galaxy and Taipei Baboons who will battle it out on the field over four rounds.
We must thank our sponsors: The Brass Monkey, meal vouchers from KGB, delicious pies from 里奧的灶咖 – Leo’s Tuck Shop, really nice socks from Michael Peng (多巴胺的家 Dopamine Digital Marketing). Thank you all!

銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽3.0開炮咯!這次有112位朋友們報名參加。這次聯賽有七支球隊,而它們分別為:衛冕杯級冠軍Taiwan Celts (臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊), Sexy Beasts (性感野獸球隊), 衛冕盤及冠軍Taipei Hulks (臺北綠巨人毫克球隊), KGB (紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊), Mr. Sausage (香腸先生的廚房球隊), 以及新加入的球隊Taiwan Galaxy (臺灣銀河球隊) 和Taipei Baboons (臺北猴王球隊)。
我們必須感謝我們的贊助商:The Brass Monkey 銅猴子酒吧,KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡提供餐劵,Leo’s Tuck Shop里奧的灶咖 提供正宗紐西蘭風味私房鹹肉派,和Michael Peng (Dopamine) 提供的一些非常帥氣的球襪!


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