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CTTA Governance Structure

To all Touchers in Taiwan – we have put together some slides so that everyone can better understand the role of the CTTA in the growth and development of Touch in Taiwan. We hope that these can give you a better idea of the separation of roles between CTTA and affiliated regional Touch associations.

為了讓大家更加了解臺灣觸球協會在臺灣推廣和發展觸球的角色, 我們為您準備這些幻燈片. 我們希望這些資訊能夠給您看出臺灣觸球協會以及各區域的隸屬會員協會的責任.

We have included governance models from Australia & New Zealand for reference. We have developed a governance model we believe best reflects the nature of Touch in Taiwan.

我們有包括澳大利牙和紐西蘭觸球協會的經營模式給大家做為參考. 我們發展出最能夠反映臺灣觸球特色的治理模式。

You can find a PDF version of these slides on the CTTA website:
您可以在臺灣觸球協會的官方網站找到這些幻燈片的 PDF 版本.


The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League v4

TTLv4 Banner_alt copy

The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League starts this Saturday at Bailin Riverside Rugby Fields. This League sees seven teams participating including, for the first time, a team from Taipei American School – TAS Varsity Touch. The 2-times defending champions, the Taiwan Celts, will be looking to make it a three-peat this League, but will need to fight off challenges from the other six teams involved.

The League provides a great stage on which players in Taipei can improve their touch skills, and also learn more about the sport by getting involved as referees and officials.

The League will run for four weeks (Nov 22, Nov 29, Dec 6, Dec 20), with a playoff style Finals Series to be held on the final week. Spectators, supporters & helpers are always welcome to come down to the field. Our other sponsors, Leo’s Tuckshop & Redpoint Brewing Co. will be selling delicious pies & beers at the event, while Mr Sausage’s Kitchen will also be putting up prizes for players.

For more information about The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 4, please visit the Facebook Event. A playing draw is also available here.

News: FIT Playing Rules now in Traditional Chinese!





FIT Playing Rules 4th Edition is now in Traditional Chinese! With full endorsement from FIT!
You can view/download the Introduction to FIT Playing Rules and the Chinese Version of the Rule from our website!

Chinese Taipei Rules Book Introduction

FIT Playing Rules 4th Edition Traditional Chinese Version

Thank you Federation of International Touch!

Analysis: Touch play-by-play

Have a read of this very good post from Hotpott Taiwan-Richard, which provides a play-by-play analysis of the try-scoring plays during the final of the last Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League. It’s a great reference for those interested in the tactical side of Touch.

Media: The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 3.0 Week 4 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽 3.0 第4周

Full Gallery:

Organized by Taipei Touch Association 由臺北觸球協會主辦

After four weekends of exciting “TOUCH” and “NO TOUCH”, The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 3.0 comes to a close. In the quarter finals (QF), Taipei Hulks (2nd) played Taiwan Galaxy (7th), KGB (3rd) played Mr. Sausages (6th), Taipei Baboons (4th) played Taiwan Celts (5th) for the three Cup semi-final (SF) spots. While the Sexy Beasts got to cool off in the shade and await their opposition as they qualified for the Cup SF due to their number one ranking. Taipei Hulks beat Taiwan Galaxy (6-2), KGB beat Mr. Sausages (4-2) and Taiwan Celts beat Taipei Baboons (6-2) to grab the three CUP SF spots.

In Cup SF 1, Sexy Beasts played Taiwan Celts in a repeat of last season’s CUP final. In their round robin match this season, Sexy Beasts won 4-3. However, due to an early dismissal (rest of the game) to one of their players, it was never going to be easy for Sexy Beasts to avenge last season’s agonizing Cup Final lost, with Taiwan Celts winning 8 – 3 and booking their second consecutive Cup Final appearance.

Cup SF 2, KGB played Taipei Hulks in another repeat of last season’s PLATE final. In their round robin match this season, Taipei Hulks just edged KGB 4 – 3. The blistering speed and team work of KGB was too much for Taipei Hulks to contain as KGB booked their first Cup Final appearance with a 3 – 1 victory.

Mr. Sausages qualified for their first PLATE Final by beating Taiwan Galaxy (5-2). In their round robin clash, Mr. Sausages beat Taipei Baboons 5 – 0. However, they could not contain them in the final as the Taipei Baboons won the PLATE trophy with a 3 -2 victory.

Sexy Beasts and Taipei Hulks played for 3rd/4th. With the final score been 3 all at the conclusion of the match, the first Drop-Off of this season (ever?) happened. With only 5 players on each side, there was more space than before. However, the defense of both teams held firm until just before the 2 minute signal sounded, when Taipei Hulks found a small gap to score. Final score 4 – 3.

Emotions must have ran high in the final with current Cup holders Taiwan Celts taking on the KGB juggernaut, the team with the best touchdowns scored/scored against differential before this weekend. It was a very intense game where the lead changed several times, however The Gaelic spirit rallied behind the men and women in blue to beat the speed and thrills of KGB. The Taiwan Celts drank out of the Winner’s Cup with a 4 – 3 victory.

On behalf of the Taipei Touch Association, we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the committee who helped to make this happen, Including Paul Rose, Trent Prestegar, Fershad Irani, David Lee, James Chang, Antoni Barry, Yi-Hsuan Lee, Ya-Hui Ho. All of the team captains/managers (Taipei Hulks Andy Yi; Taiwan Celts Paul Rose; Sexy Beasts Yi-Hsuan Lee; Taiwan Galaxy Grant Dexter; Mr. Sausages Mark Goding & James Chang; KGBs Antoni Barry & Fershad Irani; Taipei Baboons President Andrew Leakey), all of the referees, all of the photographers and of course our sponsors The Brass Monkey, KGB, Leo’s Tuckshop, Redpoint Breweries, Mr. Sausages Kitchen, Fat Angelo’s Taipei, Dopamine Digital Marketing for amazing weekly prizes and The Brass Monkey for hosting the combined Long Lunch and Prize-Giving with Taipei Baboons . We want to thank Republic of China Rugby Football Union and Taipei Giants Rugby Club for the field and facilities. We thank you all for your generosity and your continual support which make this event all the more memorable.

Last but not least, THANK YOU, THANK YOU & THANK YOU to all of you Touchers, without you all, there would not be an event for us to organize!

經過四周末刺激的“TOUCH” 以及”NO TOUCH”, 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽3.0完美結束了。在四分子一決賽1 (QF 1), Taipei Hulks 臺北綠巨人球隊 (2nd) 跟Taiwan Galaxy 臺灣銀河球隊 (7th)對決, QF 2 KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊 (3rd) 跟 Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen香腸先生的廚房 (6th)球隊對決,QF 3 Taipei Baboons 臺北猴王球隊 (4th) 跟Taiwan Celts 臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊 (5th) 對決爭取盃級半決賽的資格權。由於它們在預賽結束後排名第一,Sexy Beasts 性感野獸球隊可以在遮陽臺下等待它們的半決賽的對手。Taipei Hulks 臺北綠巨人球隊以6 – 2擊敗Taiwan Galaxy 臺灣銀河球隊, KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊以4 – 2擊敗Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen香腸先生的廚房球隊而Taiwan Celts 臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊以6 – 2 擊敗Taipei Baboons 臺北猴王球隊。

在半決賽1,Sexy Beasts 性感野獸球隊和Taiwan Celts 臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊重演上一季的盃級冠軍決賽,而本賽季雙方對決的戰績為4 – 3由性感野獸球隊獲勝。然而因為性感野獸球隊有一名隊友被判定犯規而驅逐出場,它們無法為上一屆的決賽復仇。Taiwan Celts 臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊以8 – 3 獲得決賽的參加權。

半決賽2,KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊和Taipei Hulks 臺北綠巨人球隊重演上一屆的盤級冠軍賽。在預賽中Taipei Hulks 臺北綠巨人球隊以4 – 3 險勝 KGB。然而,歷史沒有重複。KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊的速度和團結力擁有明顯的優勢,而它們以3 – 1獲得決賽的參賽權。

Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen香腸先生的廚房球隊因擊敗Taiwan Galaxy 臺灣銀河球隊(5 – 2)而獲得盤級決賽參賽權。可惜在決賽中,Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen香腸先生的廚房球隊無法壓住Taipei Baboons 臺北猴王球隊。臺北猴王球隊以3 – 2 獲得盤級獎盃。

Sexy Beasts 性感野獸球隊和Taipei Hulks 臺北綠巨人球隊對決進行3、4名賽。在正規比賽時間結束之後,雙方是3 – 3 平手,而本聯賽季的第一次的Drop Off 減少球員進行了 (也可能是聯賽歷史首次) ! 雙方以5名球員上場,所以場地感覺更寬大。但是兩隊的防守極好,直到兩分鐘的號笛響應之前,Taipei Hulks臺北綠巨人球隊找到微妙的空間,而成功的觸地得分。4 – 3 臺北綠巨人獲勝。

當天最讓人期待的比賽當然就是盃級冠亞軍賽咯。本場的情緒一定是破表的高漲,因為是由上一屆的衛冕冠軍Taiwan Celts臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊迎接與本聯賽觸地等分數最優的KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊的挑戰。這場比賽非常激烈,兩隊互相領先數次。最後, 蓋爾族的精神凝聚在穿藍色背心的愛爾蘭足球球員背後,然而愛爾蘭足球隊以4 – 3擊敗了KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊的刺激球技。 Taiwan Celts臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊的球員從冠軍獎盃嘗試到勝利的滋味。

我代表臺北觸球協會,我們想要說一個巨大的“感謝您”! 包括聯賽委員會中的Paul Rose, Trent Prestegar, Fershad Irani, David Lee, Antoni Barry, 李宜璇,何雅惠等。還有全部的隊長/領隊們(臺北綠巨人球隊的Andy Yi; 臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊的Paul Rose; 性感野獸隊的李宜璇; 臺灣銀河球隊的Grant Dexter; 香腸先生廚房的Mark Goding 和James Chang; 紐西蘭風味漢堡的Antoni Barry和Fershad Irani; 臺北猴王俱樂部的主席Andrew Leakey), 全體的裁判們、攝影師們以及我們的贊助商The Brass Monkey 銅猴子,KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡, Leo’s Tuckshop 里奧的灶咖 ,紅點手工鮮釀啤酒, Mr. Sausages Kitchen 香腸先生的廚房,Dopamine Digital Marketing多巴胺 數位行銷, Fat Angelo’s Taipei贊助給我們的餐劵以及各種商品等。另外還要感謝銅猴子酒吧提供的美味長午餐以及頒獎典禮。還有中華民國橄欖球協會以及臺北市巨人橄欖球協會提供的場地和設備。我們感謝您們的慷慨和持續的支持能夠讓這屆的聯賽有個美好的句點。

最後,除了感謝,感謝還有感謝所有觸球朋友們,沒有您們的參與,我們就無法安排怎麼完美的聯賽 !

Media: The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 3.0 Week 3 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽 3.0 第3周

Full Gallery:

Organized by Taipei Touch Association 由臺北觸球協會主辦

Results from Week 3 of the Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League are in. Some great games was played with Taipei Baboons drawing with Taipei Hulks 2 – 2, only to have KGB running all over the Baboons 5 – 0 in the next game. A scintillating repeat of season’s semi-final, KGB taking on Sexy Beasts for the first time this season. Sexy Beast threw everything at the KGB, but the latter were too slick and inflicted Sexy Beast’s first defeat this season (4 – 2).

Thanks to our week 2 sponsors Redpoint Brewing Company for their 台P.A.s, KGB for the MVP meal coupons, Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen for the sausage & buns, and Leo’s Tuckshop for delicious homemade New Zealand styled pies.

第三周銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽的結果出爐了!本周有幾場非常精彩的比賽。Taipei Baboons臺北猴王球隊和Taipei Hulks 臺北綠巨人球隊先打平 2 – 2,而在緊接的比賽,KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊以5 – 0 的成績,擊敗了Taipei Baboons臺北猴王球隊。
很多人都很期待接下的一場比賽。前賽季半決賽的重複賽,也是一場奪人眼目的比賽。KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊以4 – 2 的成績,擊敗了本賽季領先的Sexy Beast 性感野獸球隊,也照成後者本賽季的首敗。

感謝本周的贊助商Redpoint Brewing Company紅點手工鮮釀啤酒,KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡, Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen 香腸先生的廚房 和 里奧的灶咖 – Leo’s Tuck Shop!。

League: Taichung Touch League


The latest Taichung Touch League wrapped up last month with the Archers just pipping the Beefeaters by two points in a close competition. You can see the full results from the Touch League at

For more information about Touch in Taichung, visit their website, or find them on Facebook.

Media: The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 3.0 Week 2 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽 3.0 第2周

Full Gallery: 

Organized by Taipei Touch Association 由臺北觸球協會主辦

The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 3.0 Week 2 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽 3.0 第2周
Results from Week 2 of the Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League are in. Some evenly matched games again and the points table is looking pretty close. Thanks to our week 2 sponsors Redpoint Brewing Company 紅點手工鮮釀啤酒, KGBand 多巴胺 數位行銷 Dopamine Digital Marketing (for them sexy socks!).

第二周銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽的結果出爐了!有很多非常接近的比賽和而且積分表看起來很接近哦! 感謝本周的贊助商Redpoint Brewing Company紅點手工鮮釀啤酒,KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡, Dopamine Digital Marketing多巴胺 數位行銷 (贊助的球襪!)。

Media: The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 3.0 Week 1 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽 3.0 第1周

Full Gallery:

Organized by Taipei Touch Association 由臺北觸球協會主辦.

TBMTTL 3.0 has 112 players registering in seven teams. They are the defending Cup Champions The Taiwan Celts, Sexy Beasts, KGB, defending Plate Champions Taipei Hulks, Mr. Sausages, new comers Taiwan Galaxy and Taipei Baboons who will battle it out on the field over four rounds.
We must thank our sponsors: The Brass Monkey, meal vouchers from KGB, delicious pies from 里奧的灶咖 – Leo’s Tuck Shop, really nice socks from Michael Peng (多巴胺的家 Dopamine Digital Marketing). Thank you all!

銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽3.0開炮咯!這次有112位朋友們報名參加。這次聯賽有七支球隊,而它們分別為:衛冕杯級冠軍Taiwan Celts (臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊), Sexy Beasts (性感野獸球隊), 衛冕盤及冠軍Taipei Hulks (臺北綠巨人毫克球隊), KGB (紐西蘭風味漢堡球隊), Mr. Sausage (香腸先生的廚房球隊), 以及新加入的球隊Taiwan Galaxy (臺灣銀河球隊) 和Taipei Baboons (臺北猴王球隊)。
我們必須感謝我們的贊助商:The Brass Monkey 銅猴子酒吧,KGB 紐西蘭風味漢堡提供餐劵,Leo’s Tuck Shop里奧的灶咖 提供正宗紐西蘭風味私房鹹肉派,和Michael Peng (Dopamine) 提供的一些非常帥氣的球襪!

Leauge: Taichung Touch League 2014

Ar._03 Juggernauts beefeaters FCU_03 Cat_03The Taichung Touch League is starting this Sunday – so get along to Fungjia University from 2pm to see some quality Touching.  For more details on the League, and future dates, visit Taichung Touch’s website.