TTT 2015 Information Pack & Playing Draw

Dear Touchers,

Please use the links to download the Information Pack, Playing Draw and read the information carefully. Captains please come to the ADMIN Tent to sign The Indemnity Waiver Form and pay the Team Registration Fee before the tournament starts.

TTT 2015 Information Pack
TTT 2015 Playing Draw*
* Should there be any changes to the draw, the organizers will notify the teams in advance.


請使用以下的鏈接下載錦標賽信息包,賽程表並閱讀所有的信息。隊長們請在錦標賽開始前先到 ADMIN 的帳篷來簽參賽同意書並支付球隊報名費。

TTT 2015 錦標賽信息包
TTT 2015 賽程表*
* 如果有任何的變化,主辦單位將會提前通知球隊



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