2015 Taipei Touch Tournament

Dear Touchers,

The biggest event on the Taiwan’s Touch Calendar is finally upon us!

Please make sure to arrive early, as games will start on time. As per FIT rules, teams failure to take the field within two minutes of the hooter is deemed to forfeit the game by the organizers.

Captains please come to the ADMIN Tent to sign The Indemnity Waiver Form and pay the Team Registration Fee before the tournament starts.

The forecast is cloudy with occasional showers. Please note we will not cancel the tournament unless there is a thunderstorm or typhoon. The organizers might call play to pause during heavy rain and the length on game time must be adjusted accordingly.

See you all tomorrow!



由於比賽將會準時開始,請大家提早抵達球場。 根據 FIT 規則,如果球隊在哨笛響之後的兩分鐘內都沒有上場,主辦單位將會宣佈該球隊棄權。

隊長們請在錦標賽開始前先到 ADMIN 的帳篷來簽參賽同意書並支付球隊報名費。



TTT 2015 Draw

Sponsors-Mar-2015 Bailing Fields Mar 2015


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