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Tournament: 2014 Chinese Taipei Touch Tournament 2014年臺灣觸球錦標賽

The 2014 Chinese Taipei Touch Tournament will be held on March 1st 2014, at Bailing Rugby Fields in Taipei, Taiwan ROC.  We are welcoming all teams, from Taiwan and Internationals to join us for what will be a fantastic day of Touch!

If your team would like to participate, you can fill in the application form below and email it to taipeitouch@gmail.com.  More details are below:

Teams must use Team Sign-Up sheet and email them to taipeitouch@gmail.com and Team Captains must sign the Indemnity Waiver Form on the day before the tournament.
球隊必須使用報名表格以及回給 taipeitouch@gmail.com,隊長必須在當天簽好賠償保證豁免表格,並且交給主辦單位。
Must have a minimum of two girls per team. 每隊至少需要兩位女球員哦!

Sign-Up Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArtthAqcdm4DdFFFbGFrZ0tCRlI0cDlHUTNSWWVyd3c#gid=1

Entry Fee: $2,000/team

Registration closes February 15th 2014.
報名截止日期: 2014年2月15日

A recap of last year’s tournament is below:

This year, well over 200 people participated in the 2013 Chinese Taipei Touch Tournament with 12 teams entering the Open Mixed Division and 4 teams in the Junior Mixed Division.


In the Mixed Open Division, Pacific Island Dragons beat out Taichung Swingers (or was it Spinners) in semi-final 1 and Team HUKIT defending against a fierce challenge from Taipei Baboons.
在男女混合公開組的半決賽1,太平洋島火龍隊擊敗了臺中Swingers, 而HUKIT在半決賽2擊退了臺北猴王隊及激烈攻擊。

The final was played out between Pacific Island Dragons and Team HUKIT, with HUKIT drinking out of the victor’s trophy.

4 Mixed Junior Teams entered with the final played out between 台中毛毛蟲兒童橄欖球隊 Taichung Caterpillars Junior Rugby Club Green and Tian Mu Irish after they defeated Taichung Caterpillars Whites and Taipei Angry Birds. Tian Mu Irish were victorious at the end.
在兒童男女混合組的半決賽里台中毛毛蟲兒童橄欖球綠隊和天母愛爾蘭人隊擊敗他們的對手台北憤怒鳥兒童橄欖球隊和台中毛毛蟲兒童橄欖球白隊。 冠軍獎盃是由天母愛爾蘭人隊奪走的。

More details at: https://www.facebook.com/events/702514436455125/

Media: Taichung Touch Tournament 臺中觸球錦標賽 11 Jan 2014

Full gallery at: http://tinyurl.com/ma6234t

Congratulations to Taichung Touch Rugby for organizing another successful tournament. Special thanks goes out to Jacob CurranDwayne Smith and everyone else involved for all their effort into making sure the day went smoothly. Congratulations to Taichung for bringing the Zhong-Bei Ball back to their city, and to Taipei Red (Team HUKIT) for winning the Cup.
Below is a wrap up written by organizer Jake.
恭喜臺中觸式欖球成功舉辦了臺中觸球錦標賽!我們需要特別感謝Jacob Curran,Dwayne Smith 以及其他

Congratulations to Taipei Red for Winning the Cup, and to Doulio for winning the Plate (by a 1 point try differential) at the 2014 Taichung Touch Tournament. The bonus point for including a female in the team really proved costly for 高雄 (Kaohsiung) and FCU in the Plate playoffs which meant Doulio managed to take it out. Juggernauts went into the Grand Final as 1st seed after drawing with Taipei Red in the Cup Playoff, but Taipei Red came back strong and took out the competition with 4 touch downs to Juggernauts 2 in the final match. Thanks to all the teams who traveled from other cities, thanks to the sponsors, and thanks to all those who helped out, you made the day a great success. Results are below, and full results are in the Google Doc: 恭喜台北紅色有贏,然後斗六贏Plate(一份而已)在我們2014台中Touch球賽。我們比賽需要女生的規定讓逢甲大學和高雄很難贏,但是他們兩個隊很壯,所以後來斗六有贏那個Plate。在那個Grand Final Juggernauts 本來是第一名,但是最後一個球賽台北紅色證明他們很壯有贏Juggernauts 4-2。謝謝每一隊從別城市來,謝謝我們的贊助謝謝每一個人都幫忙。結果在下面:

8th = Caterpillars
7th = 高雄
6th = FCU
Plate winner = Doulio
4th = Taipei Blue
3rd = Beefeaters
2nd = Juggernauts
Cup winner = Taipei Red

Media: Future Touchers

Check out these videos of some future Chinese Taipei Touchers going through some drills.  Touch is a game for all ages!


Event: Taichung Touch Tournament

The 2nd annual Taichung Touch Tournament will be taking place this Saturday at Fengjia University, Taichung.  If you are in town, or can make it to Taichung, it would be great to see you at the ground supporting the teams from around Taiwan.

More details at:  https://www.facebook.com/events/174548039413203/?fref=ts

The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 2.0 Afterparty

Full Gallery: http://www.brassmonkeytaipei.com/gallery/2013-photos/1472-chinese-taipei-touch-party.html#.Usl2bPQW2So

The awards ceremony and end of year dinner for the Chinese Taipei Touch Association 臺灣觸球協會, courtesy of our major tournament sponsor The Brass Monkey.

The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 2.0 Week 4

Full Gallery: http://tinyurl.com/nepcecg

After four weekends of fierce “TOUCH” and “NO TOUCH”, The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 2.0 comes to a close. In the quarter finals (QF), Sexy Beasts (3rd) played Westlake OBs (6th) and Taiwan Celts (4th) played Mr. Sausages (5th) with Sexy Beasts and Taiwan Celts qualifying for two spots in the semi-finals (SF).

In SF 1, Sexy Beast and Taipei Hulks played for the third time this season with the record of one win a piece (Game 1, Sexy 4-3; game 2, Hulks 7-4). Taipei Hulks have a slight edge over the Sexy Beasts with the touchdown tally of 10-8. However, the reigning champions Sexy Beasts sealed the game in the first half (4-1) as they had too much class for Taipei Hulks, booking a berth in the finals with a commanding performance 5-2.
In SF 2, KGB had a clear edge with a record 2–0 over Taiwan Celts (game 1, KGB 3-0; game 2, KGB 5-4) with KGB touchdown tally of 8-4. However, history was not to be repeated as Taiwan Celts booking the other berth in the finals by winning 3-2.
The 3rd and 4th place was played out between the minor premiers KGB and Taipei Hulks with Taipei Hulks beating KGB for the first time this season to take home the Plate. Over on the other field, the 5th and 6th place was played out between Mr. Sausages and Westlake OBs, with Mr. Sausages winning 5-2.
Emotions must have ran high in the final with Taiwan Celts been led by Paul Rose (ugh, ex-captain of Sexy Beats) taking on the reigning champions The Sexy Beasts, led by Yi-Hsuan (a Taiwan Celt!). The Gaelic spirit rallied behind the men and women in blue to beat the skills and thrills of The Sexy Beasts. The Taiwan Celts drank out of the Winner’s Cup with a 5-3 victory.
On behalf of the Chinese Taipei Touch Association, we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the committee who helped to make this happen, Including Paul Rose, Trent Prestegar, Fershad Irani, David Lee. All of the team captains/managers (Taipei Hulks Andy Yi; Taiwan Celts Paul Rose (again?); Sexy Beasts Yi-Hsuan Lee; Westlake OBs Lao Wang王克成; Mr. Sausages Mark Goding & James Chang; KGBs Antoni Barry & Fershad Irani), all of the referees, all of the photographers and of course our sponsors KGB, Fudge, Mr. Sausages Kitchen for great prizes and The Brass Monkey for hosting the prize-giving and awards dinner. We thank you for your generosity and your continual support which make this event all the more memorable. Last but not least, we thank all of you Touchers, without you all, there would not be an event for us to organize!
Here are some photos courtesy of Fish, Trent, Sean, Jen Bowley and江聲澐賢拜,Thank you very much for sharing!

經過四周末刺激的“TOUCH” 以及”NO TOUCH”, 銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽2.0完美結束了。在四分子一決賽1 (QF1), Sexy Beasts 性感野獸隊 (3rd)跟西湖OB隊(6th)對決。四分之一決賽2(QF2), Taiwan Celts 臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊(4th)跟Mr. Sausage 香腸先生的廚房(5th) 對決爭取半決賽的資格權。最後是性感野獸隊以及臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊獲得了參加半決賽的權力。
在半決賽1,性感野獸隊和Taipei Hulks 臺北綠巨人隊將進行本聯賽第三次的對決,雙方對決的戰績為1-1平手(第一場,性感野獸以4-3勝,第二場,綠巨人以7-4勝)。以觸地等分數來比較臺北綠巨人擁有微弱優勢領先10-8。然而,衛冕冠軍的性感野獸隊在上半場結束就以4-1領先,最後以5-2擊敗了綠巨人並且獲得決賽的參加權。
半決賽2,KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡隊和臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊進行第三次對決。KGB有明顯的2-0戰績優勢 (第一場,KGB以3-0勝;第二次,KGB以5-4勝)以及觸地等分數的優勢8-4。然而,歷史沒有重複的。愛爾蘭足球隊以3-2獲得決賽的參賽權。
第三、四名將由聯賽第一名KGB和聯賽第二名臺北綠巨人隊爭奪盤獎盃。 綠巨人隊在本賽季第一次擊敗了KGB隊並且將盤獎盃帶回家。在另一個場地進行的第五、六名將由香腸先生隊以及西湖OB隊來對決。香腸先生隊以5-2獲勝。
當天最讓人期待的比賽當然就是冠亞軍賽咯。本場的情緒一定是破表的高漲,因為本賽季的臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊是由Paul Rose (上賽季性感野獸的隊長)率領挑戰衛冕冠軍的性感野獸隊,而該隊長為李宜璇(臺灣愛爾蘭足球的隊員)。 蓋爾族的精神凝聚在穿藍色背心的愛爾蘭足球球員背後,然而愛爾蘭足球隊擊敗了性感野獸的刺激球技。 最後,只有臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊的球員從冠軍獎盃嘗試到勝利的滋味。
我代表臺灣觸球協會,我們想要說一個巨大的“感謝您”! 包括聯賽委員會中的Paul Rose, Trent Prestegar, Fershad Irani, David Lee. 還有全部的隊長/領隊們(臺北綠巨人隊的Andy Yi; 臺灣愛爾蘭足球隊的Paul Rose; 性感野獸隊的李宜璇; 西湖OB的王克成; 香腸先生廚房的Mark Goding 和James Chang; 紐西蘭風味漢堡的Antoni Barry和Fershad Irani), 全體的裁判們、攝影師們以及我們的贊助商KGB紐西蘭風味漢堡, FUDGE, Mr. Sausages Kitchen 香腸先生的廚房 贊助給我們的餐劵等。另外還要感謝銅猴子酒吧提供的美味晚宴以及頒獎典禮。我們感謝您們的慷慨和持續的支持能夠讓這屆的聯賽有個美好的句點。最後,我們感謝所有觸球朋友們,沒有您們的參與,我們就無法安排怎麼完美的聯賽 !
這裡有些照片有 Fish, Trent, Sean, Jen 和江聲澐賢拜提供,非常感謝您的分享!

The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 2.0 Week 3

Full gallery: http://tinyurl.com/m68bmon

Results from Week 3 of the Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League are in. KGB are still top of the table but their winning streak was broken on Sunday. Westlake OBs picked up their maiden victory, against two of the top 3 teams! Congratulations! Thanks to our week 3 sponsor Mr. Sausage’s Kitchen香腸先生的廚房, hope you enjoy their BBQ Sausages! Remember, play-offs is on DEC 21st with Awards Presentation and Dinner at The Brass Monkey Monkey.  Here are some photos courtesy of Hannah, Yi-Hsuan, Elsa and江聲澐賢拜,Thank you very much for sharing!

第三周銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽的結果出爐了!KGB 還是在積分表上領先,但是他們的連勝在週日被破了哦。西湖OB隊獲得初勝,而且對手還是兩隊排在聯賽中前三名的隊伍,恭喜賢拜們!!

這邊有一些照片與大家分享,照片提供為:Hannah, Yi-Hsuan, Elsa and江聲澐賢拜!非常感謝您們!

The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League 2.0 Week 2

Full gallery: http://tinyurl.com/kfbm6aw

Results from Week 2 of the Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League are in. Some evenly matched games again and the points table is looking pretty close. Thanks to our week 2 sponsor Fudge. Hope you all enjoy your Brownies at KGB restaurant!
Here are some photos courtesy of Fish, Lin, Rob, Sean and 江聲澐賢拜,Thank you!

積分表看起來很接近哦! 感謝本周的贊助商Fudge,請大家把點心劵帶到KGB餐廳已換一份Brownieo!
這邊有一些照片與大家分享,照片提供為:Fish, Lin, Rob, Sean 以及江聲澐賢拜!感謝您們!

The Brass Monkey Taipei Touch League Week 1

Full gallery: http://tinyurl.com/n4adjvx

TBMTTL 2.0 has 104 players from 17 different countries registering in six teams. They are the defending champions The Sexy Beasts, KGB, Mr. Sausages, Taipei Hulks, Westlake OBs and Taiwan Celts who will battle it out on the field over four rounds.

銅猴子臺北觸球聯賽2.0開炮咯!這次有104名來自于17個國家的朋友們報名參加。這次聯賽有六支球隊,而它們分別為:衛冕冠軍Sexy Beasts (性感野獸), KGB (紐西蘭風味漢堡), Mr. Sausage (香腸先生的廚房), Taipei Hulks (臺北綠巨人), 西湖OB以及Taiwan Celts (臺灣愛爾蘭足球)。

Update: Shanghai International Touch Tournament

CTTA President Ting Fan represented the Chinese Taipei Association at the annual Shanghai International Touch Tournament (SITT).  Below is his report of the event, including some clarifications on FIT rules,  and take-outs from the refereeing coaching that was also part of the tournament.

Hi all,

I represented CTTA and attended the SITT over the weekend. Below is the write up.

SITT was a very well organized with over 600 players, 47teams spread over 7 divisions, playing on 7 full size fields at the Shanghai RugbyFootball Club (SRFC). Teams came from Thailand, HongKong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of China. Shanghai Touch Association (STA) are full of very genuineand friendly people. The main objective of my trip was to attend the Referee Workshop andmeet other teams from around Asia. For this year the tournament had more than20 referees, spearheaded by AlexWong (AUS, L6), Miah Williams (NZL, World No. 1, L6) with many other veryexperienced referees (L3-L6) flying from Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australiaand New Zealand. Thefeedback I heard afterwards were the quality of the referees which had apositive effect on the tournament.

Taiwan Visits

Teams expressing interest to visit Taipei: Tokyo Open(winner of Men Open division Cup), Shanghai Dragons (runner-up Mixed divisionCup).  In saying that, we should be aiming to send teams away tolet ourselves known to other teams and help drive the interest for all parties.

Referee Workshop

Great workshop and very helpful. From 9.30 am – 4.00 pm.  Here are some of the points I jolted down:

  • Communication – managing players, verbal & non-verbal
  • Competency – earning respect with content knowledge
  • Control
  • Consistency
  • Composure

Highlighting some of the Rules from FIT Playing Rules 4th Edition

  •  5. Proper touch field (70m x 50m), 5 m is about 7 m.
  •  Two referees – one on the side line, watching the Link& Wing, the other in line with the defensive team. Not the two fullbacksystem we have been using.
  •  6. For mixed teams, 14/team, only 4 players (min 1female) are required to start the game. Allow 2 minutes to get players on thefield, otherwise game is forfeit.
  •  8. Winner of coin toss chooses direction & sub box.They also tap first in the drop-off.
  •  On the “Fifth” touch, call “Fifth” or “FirthTouch” not “Fifth and Last”. Because an event might occurwhere touch count resets and the team in possession continues.
  •  Fwd Pass – Ball leaves the hand with obvious handgesturing forward. If the momentum and wind carries the ball forward, it is notforward pass.
  •  PENALTY Mark – Where the offense occurred.
  •  Off the mark – The trailing leg crosses over the balland the back leg takes one more step over the mark before the ball is dumped –off the mark
  •  If a player places the ball on the ground onor over the Scoreline at the same time that a Touch is made, the Touchcounts and a Touchdown is not awarded – benefit to the defender
  •  However, when sliding to touchdown and the defender isstanding when he/she makes the touch, gravity should get your lower than thestanding defender
  •  Sliding to score – Must be on the score line &beyond, never before the score line.
  •  Acting half only has 1-2sec to pick up the ball before “No half, play on”. The defendingteam must step over the ball, acting half then plays on. The attacking turneddefending team must retreat 5 m.
  •  Delaying roll ball. The player have 1-2 sec to performroll ball, otherwise PENALTY is awarded.
  •  Minimum force to effect touch – Defending &Attacking players can push players, provided that – the player is not thrownoff balance, knocked backwards. Tactic used to help defenders to get back onside.
  •  Offside – no need to tell players they’re onside, onlywhen they are OFFSIDE, “centre/link/wing/jersey number you’reshort/come to me/here is the five”.
  •  Offside at roll ball – Defending player interferingwith roll ball, the PENALTY awarded at 5 m forward of the initial roll ballmark (where the offside player should have been, 15m gain).
  •  Offside at tap ball – PENALTY awarded at 10 m in front(where the offside player should have been, 20m gain).
  •  Player in possession initiates touch on a defendingplayer who is making a genuine effort to get on side – Touch counts.
  •  16. Penalties – Scale of escalation
  •  17. Go by what you see: Warning – PENALTY – VoluntarySubstitution – Forced Substitution – Dismissal. Referee has discretion for anyplayer who are not in the “Spirit of the game”.
  •  Dismissal a period oftime – Referee decide how long the player is off for, but the non-offendingteam should get at least two attacking sets and two sets of defending sets.
  •  10. Phantom Touch at scoreline: Award touchdown,defending playing can be sent off for whole game.
  •  Playersmust avoid calling “yes/touch” followed by “no/notouch”
  •  Calling “Yes” then “No” whenthe defender realizes she made a mistake and retreats, play “Advantage” to theteam in possession
  •  Calling “Yes”, and persisting whilstknowing they are at fault, see scale of escalation below.
  •  Ball deliberately knocked from hands – PENALTY.Accidentally knocked from hands, touch count resets.
  •  Touch & Pass – Very late pass – PENALTY.Simultaneous touch & pass – “Gone, play on”
  •  Touch within 5 m line. If the team in possession rollsthe ball beyond the 5 m line, the defending team must all continue movingforward to make touch. If the team in possession rolls the ball within the 5 mline, the defending team does not need to move forward.
  •  Referee has control over the field, players andcoaches/team managers.


大家好,我個人出參加上海國際觸球競標賽 – 寫了一個小報告給大家分享

2013年的上海國際觸球競標賽總共有47隊報名7個組別。這次的競標賽由上海觸球協會(Shanghai Touch Association, STA) 在上海瑞碧橄欖球俱樂部 (Shanghai Rugby Football Club, SRFC)舉辦的。SRFC的草皮大於足夠包容7個70 m x 50 m的場地,讓筆者看到之後差點流淚。報名的球隊來自于泰國、香港、日本、馬來西亞、新加坡以及中國各地。筆者這去上海的主要目的為參加“裁判培訓”以及各亞洲各地的球隊多聯繫,希望他們後期也有機會來寶島台灣參於我們的競標賽。

本屆競標賽也有邀請20多位裁判,自費從泰國、新加坡、香港、澳大利亞以及紐西蘭來到上海協助。陣容包括Alex Wong (澳洲L6), Miah Williams (紐西蘭L6,世界第一)。 多數的參賽者都聲明,有水準高的裁判來執法,不但有積極的作用,比賽的氣氛也不一樣了。


* 在正規球場(70m x 50m)時候,5m 越位線其實是7m – 這樣有助於進攻方。

*兩個裁判 – 一個裁判在防守方關注越位線,另一位裁判在邊線觀察最靠近邊線的兩位球員(Link & Wing)是否有在越位線之後方。

* 男女混合隊 – 14位球員,但是場上只要4位球員就能開球(最少一位女球員)。如果兩分鐘之後,球隊人數不足或者球隊遲到的話,就被視為棄權。

* 拋硬幣或者猜拳的贏方不但獲得球權,還可以選擇場地方向以及兩邊的替換箱。另外-加時賽時也是開球方。

* 在第五“Touch”時,直接喊”Fifth、FirthTouch” 而不是“Firth & Last”, 因為有可能發生情況讓控球方另獲得再6次Touch.

* Forward Pass前傳 – 如果球離開手的時候,手的姿勢很明顯的往前傳球– 當地PENALTY犯規。

*  如果動量、衝力或者風力把球往前吹,並不是前傳。

* Roll ball off the mark 滾球越位– 放球之前,最靠近自方達陣線的腿跨越球之後,第二支腿再跨一步之後再放球– 越位犯規

*Touch down 達陣 – 如果控球員把球放在達陣線上或達陣區里的同時也被Touch到,裁判會宣佈Touch有算 – 有利於防守方。

*  但是如果控球員是以滑行動作把球放在達陣線上以及達陣區的話,而防守員是站立的姿勢來Touch控球員。控球員的地吸引力將會讓他、她更接近地面而在被Touch前先達陣。

* 控球員滑行達陣時,球必須放在達陣線上或者達陣線區里,不能在達陣線前。

*  Half 最多只有1-2秒時間撿球, 沒有Half的話,1-2秒之後裁判會喊“Nohalf, play on”。防守隊可以往前,跨過球之後變成控球隊,然後有Half上來撿球。原控球隊變防守隊必須退5m.

* Roll Ball 滾球必須在被Touch之後的第一時間內執行– 故意延時將被犯規。

*  Touch 必須以最少力量而執行 – 控球方以及防守方可以Push 推對方 – 但是一定不能過於用力而把導致對方失去平衡、摔倒導致受傷等。採用輕力以助於防守方退後是策略。

* Offside 越位 – 裁判不用告知球員他、她們已經退5m,只需要告知他、她們還Offside的時候。

*  Roll ball 時越位 – 防守員妨礙控球員執行rollball, 犯規Penalty。裁判將會指揮控球隊再往前5m的地方執行roll ball(犯規球員原本該站的越位線),並且罰10m (總共15m利於控球方)

*  Tap ball 時越位 – 防守員越位犯規。裁判將會指揮控方在往前10m的地方執行Tap ball (犯規球員原本該站的越位線,並且罰10m (總共20m 利於控球方)

*  控球員自己Touch一直設法後退到越位線後的防守員 – 算Touch,因為防守員沒有犯規。

* 犯規嚴重性階梯 – 如果犯規球員不以觸球的格言“打球精神“為主的話,裁判擁有自由裁量權

*  警告  

*  犯規罰球10m

*  自願性換人上場

*  強制性換人上場

*  時間性出場 – 球員不得替補,由裁判決定出場時間

*  無時間性出場 – 球員不得替補,並且在接下兩場都不能出席

* 時間性出場 – 裁判擁有自由裁量權, 最短時間為非犯規方擁有兩次控球的Set 以及兩次方防守的Set。

* Phantom touch @ score line 在達陣線上故意喊Touch– 裁判將會算達陣,然後可以已時間性出場或者非時間性出場來懲罰犯規球員。

*  球員最好不要喊Yes/touch”然後立刻喊”No/Notouch”, 因為他、她其實沒有Touch到控球員。

*  如果以上情況發生的話,然後防守員自己有意識錯誤,並且立刻退後。裁判可以喊Advantage 利於  控球方“

*  如果防守員喊Yes/touch” 但是明知自己犯錯,裁判採用犯規嚴重性階梯。

* 防守員故意打控球員手握的球並且導致球落地 – Penalty 犯規。

*  非故意的話 – Touch數歸零0。

* Touch & Pass Touch之後傳球– 如果非常明顯– Penalty犯規。 如果同時Touch以及傳球– 裁判可以喊Gone,play on 球已離手,繼續玩球

* 控球員在進攻的5M線Touch– 可以把球拿到5m線外進行rollball.

*  如果在5m 線外rollball, 防守方必須從達陣線一直往前執行Touch– 不能停留在達陣線上– 否則犯規Penalty.

*  如果控球員在5M線內roll ball, 防守方不需要從達陣線一直往前– 可以停留在達陣線上。

* 裁判的主控權利包括 – 場地,球員,球隊管理以及教練等